I love B.A.P so much, esp. the lovely maknae, Zelo aka Choi Junhong ^_^

Actually I love all the OTPs, but I'm more into Zelo'sOTPs. I love BangLo so much with their complicated relationships. Kekekeke.... HimUp is also cute.

All the posts here don't mean to harm other person or group. It's merely just to satisfy my fangirling needed (?) :-D



Junhong making sure Yongguk eats breakfast

That’s why maknae is so precious

jinwoon asked
hello,im sorry but can i know from where is this ;n;? post/83593407855/jongup-makes-himchan-happy

From video BADMAN Making.
Mine’s source was already being private.
So, I thought including the source in the post isn’t necessary.
But, this is being uploaded by another if you want.
I’ve just found out, too

Yongguk’s dance cover of SECRET - I DO I DO
The ending….. LMFAO

Please brace yourself before looking at this!!!>_<

Please brace yourself before looking at this!!!